The new hub that speeds you to your European destination.
Discovering new and pleasanter ways has always been one of Crossair’s specialities and one of the many reasons for its numerous distinctions, including the repeated award of  “Regional Airline of the Year”.

Its links criss-cross Europe – and yet always in the same direction: Destination Future.
It’s not just a question of the destinations in the flight plan, but also the ideas that make each flight a pleasant journey.
In view of the long queuing and tedious trotting at huge airports, it is high time to offer you another trailblazing Crossair exclusivity that will save you hold-ups and stress because it whisks you past them in next to no time via EuroAirport Basel-Mulhouse-Freiburg: The central idea of our new connection concept lies literally in the heart of Europe.
And as a result naturally affords you a way which, though not shorter than a straight line between two points, is often exclusively faster and, above all, more pleasant.
No wonder, then, that more and more passengers are getting “…just the best jumps!” with EuroCross.
And are therefore still on the ball for their air trips.
Crossair October 1998

Crossair created Europe’s first regional hub in the EuroAirport (Basle / Mulhouse – BSL / MLH / LFSB). EuroCross strategy had for purpose to link small towns and large cities across Europe through EuroAirport with extremely short connection times (20 minutes).

The EuroCross idea was developed in 1996 but officially launched in spring 1998.

In 2000 EuroCross concerned more than 1480 daily connections between 48 European destinations.

EuroCross network in July 1999 :

Eurocross strategy